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Our new hotel is an oasis of tranquillity combined with a balcony of unbeatable views where quality services, a friendly atmosphere, complete facilities, and a good environment come together.

An ideal space to combine tranquillity and enjoyment of peaceful days with activity, sports, and plans to experience Mallorca. Discover everything we can offer!

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Gremi Forners 8, 1º, Pt 13; 07009.
Polígono de Son Castelló. Palma de Mallorca

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If you are someone who doesn't skip training on vacation or precisely takes them to practice your favourite sport, MarSenses Natura Olea Hotel is an option to consider. You can maintain your daily routine in the gym or engage in the sport or activity that you fancy, whether in the sea or on land. You can book sports activities outside the hotel, as well as excursions from this website or at the reception where we can also guide you to discover Mallorca in a different way. Don't leave anything pending!