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The villa is located on Coanegra street in the northeast of Santa Maria del Camí, a rural area surrounded by fields of fruit trees and vineyards.

There is evidence of the first constructions at the beginning of the 19th century, but its current appearance was not achieved until the end of the 19th century under the ownership of the doctor Pedro Jaume Matas. Dr. Matas was a key figure in Balearic healthcare, being one of the pioneers of Mallorcan medicine, as, among other things, he introduced X-rays to the islands at the end of the century. He was also a person who developed an active medical career, being a founding member of the Medical-Pharmaceutical College, and a member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Spain, as well as developing an intense career as a doctor. He also developed an intense informative activity, being editor and director of the Revista Balear Ciencias Médicas and author of several dozen works.

In his last years, he worked as a doctor in the village of Santa Maria, during which time the village was popularly known as Cas Metge (the doctor's house). The house is part of the historical-artistic and heritage catalogue of Santa Maria del Camí and Mallorca.

After years of neglect, Ms Rosa Vidal, mother of the president of MarSenses Hotels & Homes, Ms Francisca B. Vidal, bought the villa from the descendants of Dr Matas more than 50 years ago. Although it originally acquired the name of Villa Margarita, we wanted to recover the name by which the house has always been known in the village and pay tribute to an illustrious Balearic and Spanish medical professional.

In 2019 work began on the reconstruction of the building with the utmost respect for its historical value, maintaining the original structure and original architectural elements. Environmentally friendly techniques and materials have been used, trying to recycle materials from the original house or using the island's own.

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