Menorca, the second largest island of the Balearic Islands, offers many attractions for the visitor. It is the calmest island and the one that best respects the natural spaces, reticent to the abuse of constructions. For all these reasons, Menorca has been recognised as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO since 1993.

This small paradise has idyllic beaches and virgin coves with turquoise waters, viewpoints to see the sunrise or sunset, paths where you can find silence in the middle of nature, quality products created by local craftsmen that range from shoes to cheeses, a spectacular gastronomy of great Mediterranean tradition and so on, to an endless number of options that will make you want to come back.

All this makes Menorca an ideal destination for the whole family with an endless number of activities to do such as sailing in a kayak or renting a small boat to get to know the coastline, excursions on horseback, hiking or cycling routes or discovering the island's Talayotic monuments.

Discover the island from our hotel MarSenses Hotels & Homes in Cala en Bosch (Cala'n Bosch), which is adapted to your needs so that you can enjoy Menorca to the full.

Fornells / Cavalleria cape

Distance from MarSenses Paradise Club & Spa: 42 km/48 min by car.

This narrow bay, a refuge for fishermen on the north coast of the island, has now become one of the best places on the island to enjoy its cuisine, especially the "caldereta de langosta" (lobster stew).

The bay also offers beautiful beaches and little crowded sandy areas that you can walk around in a kayak or along the coast. Nearby, you can find the Cavallería cape, the most northern cape of the island or the picturesque Pregonda cove, with its red sand and crystalline waters.



Distance from MarSenses Paradise Club Hotel & Spa: 10 km / 13 min. by car

Ciutadella was the old capital of the island until the English occupation in 1714. It is a jewel of stone and a stately appearance combined with influences from other inhabitants of the island, for all this it was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1964. To enter the old town and walk through its narrow cobbled streets is to immerse oneself in the history of the city.

Don't forget to visit the Cathedral of Minorca, built in the 14th century by order of King Alfonso III of Aragon on top of a mosque. A few minutes walk away, you will find the Town Hall, which is located on top of a wall offering exceptional views of the port.

You will find everything, craft products, decoration, gastronomy... Enjoy an ice-cream in one of the traditional ice-cream parlours or the terraces you will find in the squares or in the spectacular natural harbour.


Cala en Turqueta

Distance from MarSenses Paradise Club Hotel & Spa: 20.5 km/35 min by car.

It could not have chosen a better name as its waters have a great variety of turquoise colours. This virgin cove of fine white sand is accessible only on foot from a car park* or by boat and is protected by pine trees and the presence of the Artrutx Watchtower.

The car park has a beach bar and there is a 10 minute walk to the beach. In spite of being a virgin cove it has a lifeguard and toilets.

*Please pay attention to the parking instructions before entering the beach area.


Macarella and Macarelleta

Distance from MarSenses Paradise Club Hotel & Spa: 42 km/48 min by car.

Very close to the cove in Turqueta, in the same bay are these two virgin coves with transparent waters that are among the most beautiful in Minorca.

Macarella is larger than its neighbouring coves and is surrounded by pine forests and small cliffs where all kinds of birds nest. It has a small beach bar and lifeguard.

While Macarelleta is narrower and flanked by high pine covered slopes. It can be reached on foot from its neighbour in a walk of about 5 minutes. It is a good option to enjoy the tranquillity and do some scuba diving.

The cove's reputation means that the two car parks* are very busy in high season, but the paying car park is usually more available and closer to the sand.

 *Please pay attention to the parking instructions before entering the beach area.


Cala Pregonda

Distance from MarSenses Paradise Hotel Club & Spa: 44 km/53 min by car.

It is one of the few coves on the north coast of the island and totally different from the rest: its red colour and the atmosphere that surrounds it make it special. The panorama is somehow "desolate" and can be reminiscent of the surface of Mars, but the water, for greater contrast, is totally crystalline. It belongs to the Northern Marine Reserve of Menorca, so the seabed is full of life so it is worth diving in the area.

The cove is divided into three different beaches separated by rocky areas and is protected from the north winds and waves by several islets that make the cove more spectacular. In fact, one of them has been the cover of a Mike Oldfield album.

The main problem with this cove is that it is far from almost anywhere on the island and that from the car park to the cove it takes about 30 minutes with hardly any shadows. But even so, visiting it is one of the most recommended plans.


Naveta des Tudons

Distance from MarSenses Paradise Club & Spa: 14 km / 19 min by car.

The navetas are constructions typical of Menorca and are among the oldest funeral monuments in memory. They were built around 1000 BC and belong to the Talayotic culture of the island. In their construction only stones were used, fitted without mortar.

The Naveta Des Tudons is the most famous on the island and is said to be the oldest building on the whole of Europe. It measures more than 13 metres long by 6.5 metres wide and is in perfect condition. It was unearthed in the middle of the last century. During the excavations, bodies with personal objects were found, so their funerary function was deduced.

This is just one of the examples of the Talayotic culture of Menorca that seeks to be recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Come and discover many more unique constructions on the island.

Cami de Cavalls

Distance from MarSenses Paradise Club Hotel & Spa: 5 min. walk

This is a path that circles the island along the coast and mostly runs through rural areas. It has a total length of 185 km with a great geological and scenic variety: virgin beaches and large sandy areas, inland areas of grass, cultivation or forest, as well as urban sections.

The origins of this ancient coastal path are little known. However, it is known that as early as 1330, King Jaime II forced the inhabitants of the coastal areas to have a horse and to maintain this path as part of the defence of the island. During the English domination, the Camí de Cavalls (Horse Trail) gained importance again in the defence of the island, considering it as a Royal Way. In 2010 it was inaugurated as a public road after years of work to recover it.

It is an important route for walkers, recognized in the Great Routes of European hiking as the GR-223, is usually divided into 20 sections of different lengths. Section 12 is the one that passes very close to our hotel.

Cova d'En Xoroi

Distance from MarSenses Paradise Club Hotel & Spa: 52 km / 45 min by car.

This cave is located on a cliff on the south coast of the island, next to Cala en Porter. It has several terraces and viewpoints at different heights. The highlight is the sunset which you can enjoy with a cold drink from the bar in the cave.

The legend does not clarify much about the origin of Xoroi but it tells that it was a man who arrived from the sea. Nobody knows how, probably a survivor of some shipwreck, he used the cave as a refuge. He tells that he kidnapped a young woman from Alaior who was going to get married soon after and took her to the cave. After several years, during a snowfall on a winter day, they discovered her footprints in the snow which they took to the cave. Legend has it that Xoroi and the young woman had three children. Seeing themselves cornered, Xoroi and her firstborn jumped into the sea. The woman and the other two children were taken to Alaior, where their descendants are said to still live.

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Next to the pretty fishing village of Cala’n Bosch, in the southwest of the island and just 400 meters from the beach, the all-inclusive MarSenses ...

Next to the pretty fishing village of Cala’n Bosch, in the southwest of the island and just 400 meters from the beach, the all-inclusive MarSenses Paradise Club Hotel has a privileged location that will allow you to easily move around the island by car. The establishment has beautiful gardens, two outdoor swimming pools, relaxing beauty, and wellness treatments, Splash! area with two additional swimming pools and slides for children, a buffet restaurant with show cooking, SensiBar, and the possibility to stay with All Inclusive. What’s more, a varied entertainment programme is offered to ensure there’s never a dull moment, day or night.

Our family hotel in Menorca is the perfect option for discovering the island and disconnecting from your daily routine.

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